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by artist Nazanin Fakoor

  May 4, 2019
Kunstencentrum nona
Begijnenstraat 19, Mechelen
  08.30 PM

To create her music theatre piece Rainbow, the artist Nazanin Fakoor took on The Conference of the Birds, a literary masterpiece by the Persian mystic poet Farid ud-Din Attar.

In Attar’s story, thousands of birds search for Simorgh, the mythical bird that symbolises the truth.

After many hardships on their journey, only 30 birds reach the end of their quest.

Only then do they realise that they themselves are the Si (thirty) morgh (birds).

This beautiful poetry provides the basis for the libretto of Rainbow.

The Iranian composer Aftab Darvishi (Tenso Young Composers Award 2016) has written a new composition, performed live by the Swara Ensemble in a mobile installation that - literally - reflects our differences and multiple identities. In this way, Fakoor ‘reflects’ on the myth of a clear-cut national identity and the celebration of difference.

More information: Rainbow - Lunalia Festival

Swara vocal ensemble is invited to take part at the International Choral Contest of Tolosa 2019.

The event will be in Tolosa, Spain from October 31st until November 3rd, 2019.

More information:

Past Events

Messe des Artistes

Collaboration with Xavier Deprez & Lassenne Vocale

  February 3, 2019
Brussels' Cathedral
  12.30 PM


  Nov 24th, 2018
Église Notre Dame de Sacré-Coeur d'Etterbeek
Rue de Tervaete 24. Etterbeek - Brussels
  08.00 PM

On the centenary of Latvia's independence day, which resonates together with the centenary of the end of the World War I, Swara vocal ensemble and Swara photographers are presenting this collaboration concert between music and photography. 20 professional singers are singing Latvian a cappella compositions under the direction of Ivan Yohan, accompanied by a projection of photo series provided by 14 photographers.

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How Do You Think It Feels

by artist Felix Kindermann

  January 26, 2018
Artspace Deborah Bowman
Avenue Jean Vodlers 24
  08.00 PM


A contemporary Finnish a cappella concert

  Dec 16, 2017
Eglise Saint Notre Dame du Sacre - Coeur
Rue de Tervaete 24 -- Etterbeek 1040
  08.00 PM

Swara vocal ensemble is back with its passion to combine music and photography. With the support from the Embassy of Finland, Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, Sulasol music publishing and Clap Culture, 18 professional singers and Ivan Yohan as conductor will perform selected a cappella repertoire from Finland, accompanied by the projection of photo series provided by 13 photographers.

This event is to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence day - all composers are from Finland - all photo series are bound to the theme of 'blue and white' to represent the country and to the theme of each single repertoire.

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Contemporary Claudio

Monteverdi and modern composers

  May 13th, 2017
Eglise Saint - Boniface
Rue de la Paix 21. 1050 Bruxelles
  08.00 PM

To celebrate the 450th anniversary of Claudio Monteverdi's birth, Swara vocal ensemble is going to present a concert with the title of "Contemporary Claudio - Monteverdi and modern composers". The program consists of songs by Monteverdi, where each one is followed by a contemporary piece written with the same text and/or the same musical ideas by contemporary living composers.

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Lumen et Umbra

A portrait of Choral Music

Performing modern a cappella pieces

  April 9th, 2016
Chapelle de Lindthout
2 Av. des deux Tilleuls, 1200 Bruxelles
  08.00 PM

Lumen et Umbra, SWARA's debut concert, was held on April 9th, 2016

cooperating with 9 photographers to combine two different kind of arts: music and photography

SWARA will light up your evening with great compositions by Hanlon, Nystedt, Whitacre, Miškinis, Lauridsen, Ligeti, among others

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