About Us

Swara is a Brussels-based vocal ensemble dedicated to the promotion and performance of contemporary a cappella music from around the world.

Under the guidance of its founding director, Ivan Yohan, twenty professional young singers have come together as a group to perform modern choral music to an exacting standard.

Swara vocal ensemble members represent a diverse range of nationalities and backgrounds, each one selected for his or her distinct vocal timbre that when combined create a richly distinct choral sound.

Swara aspires to explore the thematic and rhythmic diversity of contemporary choral repertoire:

compositions that are rarely performed by professional choirs, but are yet fascinating for the variety of musical expression they feature.

We aim not to limit ourselves to Western music performance, but to go further, to discover choral works outside of the familiar Western tradition and literally give voice to cultures and peoples through the sharing of their music.

In Swara, a term that derives from the Sanskrit word for voice in several Southeast Asian languages and is also the name to which tones

are referred in classical Indian music, we are committed to the exploration of the roots of the music that we perform, always honoring the richness of the multicultural society in which we live.

Timo Tembuyser - Credo

Basque lullaby, Arr. by Ezra Permana Krisna - Loa Loa Txuntxurun Verde

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